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Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System

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HealthMasters Home Care

With the Honeywell HomMed Telemonitoring System, HealthMasters HomeCare can manage and monitor patients each and every day.

Patient-Centered Care

The HomMed Health Telemonitoring System has two components: The HomMed Remote Patient Monitor which is placed in the patient’s home, and the HomMed Central Care Station. The monitor is a vital-sign monitoring and communication device that measures weight, blood pressure, heart rate and SpO2.

Each day, a gentle, friendly voice guides the patient through the simple, three-minute procedure to collect all of their vital data. After the last of the vital signs are taken, the patient is asked up to 10 subjective questions to which they answer yes or no. These questions can be customized to assist in further evaluating their condition and quality-of-life measurement.

Patient vital signs are automatically and securely sent to the HomMed Central Care Station. No patient identifiers are attached to the vital packets.

Telemonitoring tells the nurse when to visit and what the patient's condition is. Daily monitoring allows early identification of a change in health status, preventing a chronic condition from escalating into something more serious. The Honeywell HomMed proprietary software allows all health status data to be analyzed over time.Trend reports can be provided to physicians providing them with a clearer picture of the patient's health.