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HealthMasters Home Care

When Florence Nightingale was asked about the ideal environment for a person to get well, her response was:

The ultimate destination of all nursing is the nursing of the sick in their own homes... I look to the abolition of all hospitals and workhouse infirmaries.

The fundamental responsibility of HealthMasters HomeCare, Inc. is to promote health, facilitate healing and alleviate suffering. We respect the client's rights and choices and act as an advocate for them. We recognize that our clients are not only impacted by their disease process and treatment, but also by their families, economic and cultural status and belief systems. Therefore, those factors are taken into consideration as the client is seen as a whole and the plan of treatment is established. We strive to manipulate the client's environment to become one of peace, harmony and nurturance so that healing may take place.

We have a responsibility to model health behaviors not only to our clients and their families, but to our co-workers as well. We strive to maintain a healthy workplace and environment for our staff. Along with the use of exercise equipment, massages and healing touch workshops are available for our staff. There is a meditation garden our staff is encouraged to use.

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