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The Basic mode of operation of a typical SCENAR device is to deliver a “dosage” of electrical stimulation impulses to the body through electrodes in direct contact with the skin surface. These impulses have been tailored to mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system, in order to elicit the body's own response with optimum efficiency and minimum disruption of cell function. The action is aimed at both the “fast” pain blocking A-fibers and the “slow – pain” production and peptide generating C-fibers of the nervous system.

Simply, the electrical impulses “wake up” the brain to read the messages, which control the body's functions. It unlocks habituated ignoring of “pain” or “illness” messages”. This in turn causes the brain to send messages to the body to release its own pharmacy of bio-chemicals to address the problem. Your own body safely and naturally produces the chemistry to affect pain relief, balance and repair. All this happens without the introduction of external chemical medications or procedures, which can mask, suppress and even create tissue destructive side effects.

Your body is a wonderfully designed instrument of perfection that has the ability to internally create balance, health and well-being!

SCENAR is an acronym for self-controlled energo-neuro adaptive regulation. The SCENAR biofeedback instrument used in session has been licensed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and is accepted as a pain relief device throughout the European Union. This is FDA approved for biofeedback use.