Skilled Therapies 

Physical Therapy: Achieving true independence starts with a strong and active body. If you’re limited or disabled by physical injury, our HealthMasters Homecare Physical Therapists (PT’s) restore your strength and mobility through a customized therapy program. Working closely with your physician, our PT’s help restore your balance and mobility.

Occupational Therapy: Living a healthy and happy life requires covering the basics. When it comes to completing daily tasks such as eating, bathing and dressing, it may be a struggle to function if you suffer from physical, developmental, social or emotional problems. Our HealthMasters Homecare Occupational Therapists (OT’s) combat these issues by implementing specialized rehabilitation techniques that improve overall functionality.

Speech Therapy: At HealthMasters Homecare our Speech Therapists (ST’s) strive to develop and restore your speech if you suffer a communication disorder. We want to improve your ability to communicate with your friends, family and loved ones.